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Welcome to the National Endoscopy Database (NED)

The National Endoscopy Database (NED) is populated by data extracted automatically from the endoscopy reporting system (ERS) at endoscopy services in the UK. NED makes data available in user friendly outputs for clinicians, services and for research purposes.

The aim of NED is to support and enable improved quality assurance in endoscopy, to enhance JETS (JAG Endoscopy Training System), removing the need for double data-entry for trainees and to offer potential for research by providing a central store of key endoscopy data

The endoscopy reporting software uploading data to NED can be found under the resources tab.

Login to NED
If you have a JETS account, please log in with your JETS user name and password. If you don’t already have a NED/JETS account, register for one here.
Procedures Loaded per Month into Pilot NED
The chart below shows number of procedures loaded to Pilot NED each month.
<strong>Dec</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 132,016 <strong>Nov</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 157,223 <strong>Oct</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 151,138 <strong>Sep</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 150,963 <strong>Aug</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 140,928 <strong>Jul</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 151,492 <strong>Dec</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 132,016 <strong>Nov</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 157,223 <strong>Oct</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 151,138 <strong>Sep</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 150,963 <strong>Aug</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 140,928 <strong>Jul</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 151,492
Total Procedures Loaded into Pilot NED
The chart below shows a breakdown by procedure type of total procedures uploaded to Pilot NED.
<strong>ERCP</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 88,163 <strong>Colon</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 1,955,528 <strong>Flexi</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 899,247 <strong>OGD</strong><br/><strong>Count:</strong> 2,283,067
Sites uploading to Pilot NED
The map below shows the 466 sites out of 520 JAG registered sites that are currently uploading to Pilot NED. To find out if a site is uploading, search for the site name by clicking the magnifying glass icon.