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Endoscopy reporting system (ERS) NED compliance

Last updated: 14th June 2024

This page shows the endoscopy reporting system (ERS) versions which are uploading to NED and their NED compliance. To be NED compliant a software version is required to:

  • complete validation to ensure system meets NED requirements
  • meet ongoing data upload standards

The ongoing data upload requirements are based on upload success rate (USR). USR shows procedures which are uploaded to NED successfully as a percentage of the total number of procedures which are sent from the ERS to NED. The reason some procedures keyed into the ERS are not successfully uploaded to NED is due to technical issues which should be investigated and resolved by the endoscopy service and supplier.

To maintain NED compliance, the software version must meet the ongoing data validation requirements. This is updated quarterly following review of USR which is completed by the NED committee. The USR excludes procedures which do not get uploaded to NED as a result of the endoscopists membership number (e.g. NMC or GMC) not matching that on NED. Full details of status’ are given in table below.

Services using a software version that is:

  • 'compliant',
  • 'Compliant (NEDi2) – Under review'
  • and Working Towards NEDi2 Compliance;

can answer yes to the GRS measures relating to NED and are meeting the current standards required to be JAG accredited. If a service is using a version that is 'not compliant' or is not listed in the table, the service may not be meeting the requirements to be JAG accredited.

ERS version NED compliance status description
Compliant – live NED site
Software version has completed initial data validation steps, meets ongoing data upload standards and the data is validated to be loaded to the live JETS website
Compliant (NEDi2) – Under review
Software version has completed initial data validation steps, but does not met data upload standards. The software version must meet requirements in next quarter or NED compliance will be removed.
Working Towards NEDi2 Compliance
software version is working on test validation with plans for full validation
Not compliant
Software version has either not completed initial validation or has not met the ongoing data validation requirements

Q1 2024 Upload Success Rate is based on the period Jan 2024 to Mar 2024 ***

Q4 2023 Current Upload Success Rate (USR) and Procedures Loaded is based on the period Oct 2023 to Dec 2023 *

Q3 2023 Current Upload Success Rate (USR) and Procedures Loaded is based on the period Jul 2023 to Sep 2023 **

% Sites NEDi2.1, shows the percentage of the suppliers customers who are submitting NEDi2.1 procedures.

NEDi2 Compliance

Supplier Software Version NED Status USR Q1 2024 * USR Q4 2023 ** USR Q3 2023 *** Procedures Loaded * % Sites NEDi2.1
HICSS 08.00.00
Compliant – Live NEDi2 >=98% >=98% >=98% 41,955 6.9%
Endosoft nedi2service
Compliant – Live NEDi2 >=98% >=98% >=98% 34,389 46.9%
Solus Endoscopy 2 Compliant – Live NEDi2 >=98% >=98% >=98% 30,800 42.3%
Medilogik Medilogik ems nedi2 export v1.0 Compliant – Live NEDi2 >=98% >=98% >=98% 190,282 100%
Epic Lumens Endoscopy Any Compliant – Live NEDi2 >=98% 12,643 0%
Olympus Any Compliant – Live NEDi2 n/a 3.6%
Infoflex Any Uploads to NEDi1 but not NEDi2 compliant, working towards NEDi2 compliance 0
CPD Any Uploads to NEDi1 but not NEDi2 compliant 0
Newgate Any Uploads to NEDi1 but not NEDi2 compliant 0